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Instant digital access to your money is now culture. Furthermore, this culture has been in practice for a while. And it is considerably one of the safest and most robust ways of making transactions. However, which online service is best to choose from is a question for many. Therefore, join GoBank. With GoBank, accessing your bank account is now simple. Moreover, it is an association of Green Dot Bank with Walmart that provides banking services. Additionally, the user gets a GoBank Card as a part of it. Thus, users can perform the GoBank activate and activate GoBank card for smart money solutions.    

This online solution is also appropriate for tech-savvy and conscious customers. However, users would require a Gobank login account for GoBank activate and to activate Go Bank card. Apart from that, it has incredible features and user-friendly financial tools. Also, GoBank stands out for making banking exceedingly simple for everyone. Using the various alternatives this bank offers, you may establish smart budgets, pay your bills on time, and live within your means. Additionally, every user needs to activate Go Bank card, as they can enjoy several multi-faceted transactional services. Therefore, follow the below directions for the latter.

GoBank Activate

GoBank Activate - Account Creation

Adhere to the following directions for creating your GoBank account

➔ First, create a GoBank login account by going to GoBank.com or by downloading the free GoBank app. 

➔ Subsequently, fill out and submit your application to open a GoBank account.

➔ Once you are there, tap on the “Open Account” icon in the top right corner of the website.

➔ After that, press the “Submit” button after entering and confirming the accuracy of your personal information.

➔ Please give your full name, birthdate, registered phone number, and primary email address since they are necessary information. Furthermore, you must provide your social security number in addition to any other essential personal information, such as your gender.

➔ Note: Most financial institutions are compelled to ask for this information to comply with federal law.

➔ A GoBank starter kit costs $2.95 at your nearby Walmart, and you can open the account there if you prefer. Additionally, while using the starting kit, be sure to have at least $20 in your account as a preliminary deposit.

Note: GoBank is a service for individuals only. Therefore, it is advised not to open joint accounts. If you have any issues opening an account, make sure to contact GoBank customer service. A customer service representative will provide you with comprehensive guidance.

Steps to Activate GoBank Card

You will receive a debit card seven days after successfully opening your GoBank account. Users must therefore activate GoBank cards to take advantage of all the bank’s services. You won’t have access to most of the bank’s features until you don’t complete the activation and verify your contact information. Hence, adhere to the below directions for the same:

Start by navigating to gobank.com on your smartphone.

➔ Once you are on the website’s home page, click or press the “Activate Card” option. The card activation option can be found in the top right corner of your screen, along with other alternatives.

➔ After that, you will be redirected to a website where you have to input the 16-digit debit card number for activation. If you utilize a starting kit, make sure to include the 3-digit CVV number.

➔ To finish the process, press the “Confirm” button and then adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Steps to Activate GoBank Card

After a quick couple of minutes of activation, your GoBank card is ready to use. You can benefit from the benefits online and offline by using your debit card. You will also get a temporary card when you buy the GoBank starter package. Users can, however, apply to receive a customized and official GoBank Activate in the mail. GoBank, in contrast to other banks, lets you open an account despite having a bad credit history.